Earrings with light blue stone

  • SKU: OSS083
Art Deco silver pendants with blue crystal from the 1920s
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These pleasing earrings in water blue are fine all-rounders for business looks as well as for leisure. 

Delicate, sporty silver earrings (unstamped, tested) with crystal glass from the 1930s.
The secure hinges are decorated with a small fan. Their triangular pendants are adorned with a light blue crystal glass stone set in a smooth silver frame.  

  • Condition: Very good condition with slight signs of wear
  • Material: Silver
  • Stone: Blue crystal glass
  • Stone Size: 1.2 x 0.4 cm
  • Earring Length: 3 cm
  • Earring Width: 0.7 cm
  • Weight (Pair): 1.9 g