A. Regelmann - Round Silver Pendant with Rose Quartz

  • SKU: HSAS092
A striking amulet to go with your dark jumper - handcrafted designer jewellery from the 1930s.
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Filigree silver pendant (stamped 925 and maker's mark two entwined rings) from the 1930/40s from the Adolf Regelmann studio, Stuttgart. Designed by Toni Koy (Königsberg), a representative of the Bauhaus tradition.
The large, round pendant is formed of fine silver wires concentrically soldered together. In the lower half of the ring, further silver wires can be seen running in opposite directions, creating an exciting optical pattern. A round, clear rose quartz cabochon is set in the centre of the circular ornament.
The large, wide eyelet of the pendant offers space for many types of chains.
This amulet can be worn directly on the neck as well as on a long chain at chest or belly level. As an alternative to the chain, a brocade or leather strap can also be used.

The pictured chain is not included. If you need a chain to this piece of jewelry, please write to us, we will be happy to advise you.

  • Condition: Very good Codition with slight signs of wear.
  • Material: Silver 925
  • Pendant length (with loop): 4.2 cm
  • Pendant width: 3.8 cm
  • Weight: 8.3 g